Zumba Fitness


Helping people understand what their challenges are and how to overcome them to live a health lifestyle.

It’s a calorie and fat burner the average person burns around 600-1000.
It improves coordination
It’s a full body workout
Aerobic benefits
Anaerobic benefits
It gets you hooked on exercise
Everyone, anyone can join
Increase confidence
Improves posture
Mood booster, great way to reduce stress
It’s sociable a great way to meet friends.

If you feel lazy and don’t like to exercise but you love to dance then get your Zumba on it’s the most appropriate workout for you and your gonna love it..You’ll be working out, dancing and laughing for about 60 minutes and you can do that while your burning up to 369 calories. Oh yeah get your dance on and get your Zumba on baby.. See I love Zumba and I love to dance that’s why I became a Zumba Instructor see you on the dance floor.

“No matter how devastating our struggles, disappointments, and troubles are, they are only temporary.”Believe”