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Wellness Matters Thursday!

(Letting Go!!!)

After years of holding onto the lies, hurt and disappointments from them folks, that job and those bad habits I decided to make a healthy choice for me. I am not what happened to me, hmm I’ll say it again I’m not what happened to me, see sometimes if we are not conscious of the lies we will allow those things and people to weigh heavy on our shoulders and it could bring us down. I’ll be honest I was allowing this to happen to me, yes!! At one point in my life I was allowing my past and people to weigh me down, I would even shrink who I was so they could be happy, oh the disappointments were hurtful, painful to the point where it was upsetting my stomach and disrupting my sleep, I guess we all have experienced this before to some degree but God. Listen it’s so important to take notice of what’s bothering you and deal with it appropriately. Listen I decided to let go of all that mess, I’m at a point in my life now where my peace and joy means more to me then holding on to lies, false friendships, relationships, a job that I hate going to and past hurt and disappointments, I want you to be there too, see I made a promise to myself that I was done with that and I deserves better. 1Chronicles 4:10 Enlarge my territory! THAT’S my daily prayer, God promises is true so I’ll stand on his word he will come through and grant my request like he granted Jabez. So I say to you let go, you don’t have to hold on to lies or the disappointments or the past hurt…. get free, I’m totally free and walking in abundance and you can too. John 8:36 who the son sets free is free indeed….YOU ARE FREE INDEED! In my book I speak about happiness and 20 ways to build it and 20 things that effect your happiness make sure you read them. Fitoverit!

Tips to letting go:

1. Let go let God!

2. Recognize its time to let go!

3. Acknowledge your emotions!

4. Forgive!

5. Let go of the guilt!

6. Let go of the resentment!    

7. Let go of the baggage!

8. Stop talking about the past!

9. Walk by faith not by sight!

10. Enjoy today!

11. Pray for those who have hurt or disappointed you!

12. Have a positive attitude!

13. Forgive yourself!

14. Focus on your future, get excited about your future!      

Coach Carmen

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