How to build your confidence

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Say Yes to…Yourself!!!

Say yes I can!!!

Say yes I will!!

Say yes I’m determined!!!

Say yes I’m able!!

Say yes I will achieve!!!

Say yes to your dreams!!!

Say yes that it’s your time and be willing to shine..

Say yes to yourself!!

Coach Carmen! 


Confidence is about having faith, confidence speaks without saying a word, have you ever walked in a crowded room and everyone stopped and started starring at you honey it’s not the outfit that you had on.. be careful who you are hanging around also because if you have unmovable faith or bold faith most people can’t handle that, hear me seriously..get yourself around people who has bigger faith than you so they aren’t frustrated or envy of your faith because those type of people will decrease your confidence and you ain’t got time for that.. let help you if you got very little friends because of your bold faith you are doing great..I say to you, You got confidence! 

 Things that will keep you stuck!

  1. Lack of confidence 
  2. Hating on other people success 
  3. Bad attitude 
  4. No plans 
  5. No faith 
  6. No goals
  7. Not willing to change
  8. Not willing to try
  9. Always complaining 
  10. Negative thoughts 
  11. Same thinking patterns 
  12. Same behavior 

2017 is almost over what will you change to get unstuck?

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