Distractions Can Happen

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Distractions comes up it will show up at your door, it shows up in all of our lives. Listen distractions can be serious or they can be something small but they come up and I guess  the question is how will you be able to handle them when they do? Will you fold up? will you give up? Or will you stand up and keep pressing your way through, listen distractions aren’t there to stop you they are there to challenge you so you can think differently, you can’t handle all situations with the same thinking mentality you have always had….No distractions are there to make you think differently so you can handle that distraction differently believe it or not it is part of your assignment it was assigned to you to help you get to your purpose.. that distraction will grow you to your next level if you don’t fold up or give up…

Coach Carmen!

Fit Over It…

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