“If you are looking for a fun way to work out and burn calories, then Zumba Fitness with Carmen is the place for you. Her exuberant and positive spirit makes sparks a spark fire in you that makes you feel anything is possible. AND just when you think you want to give up, here comes another soulful Latin beat that boots your energy! Carmen is truly walking in her calling. If you could market her energy, I would buy it! Zumba Fitness Lets go!”


“Girl!!!!! Carmen!!! Awesome workout and class, you are amazing and you make it so fun!! Thank you!”


“Carmen is amazing God fearing Woman full of uplifting Spirit and joy and she is such a beacon of light for other women yes Carmen is, and going Zumba has impacted my life in a way that have taught me self love confidence and that you can persevere through your pass failures and things in life that keeps you from thriving and to go after your dreams one day at a time Thanks to Carmen”


“I love Zumba Carmen’s Zumba class is great, she is always full of positive energy and l always come out feeling so much better then when l started, my over all health is definitely better since l have joined Zumba class with Carmen, Excellent”


 “Ms.Carmen…I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your Zumba class. I think I started the end of November and have enjoyed it every since….Even though you make it fun you still make sure we WORK.  I have told several of my family and friends about the class some have came and they too enjoy the class. ..Thanks so much for your effort to help us get healthy and in the process LOOK GOOD!!!! I’M TAKING MY STUFF BACK!!! Thanks again for all you do..May the Lord God bless you Real Good…See ya Thursday. ..Zumba Let’s Go!!!”


“Good  morning  to you  too. I love your  Zumba class. You are an amazing instructor.  You allow your  students  to work  at their own pace.  I couldn’t  ask for a better  instructor.”


ZUMBA: “I really enjoy participating in Carmen Williams class. I have been attending both her Monday and Thursday evening classes, for the last couple of months. I really look forward to it. The class gives you a great cardio workout, as well giving you the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. Carmen is an excellent instructor. She is fun, very encouraging, and pushes you to do your best. When you look as if you are about to quit…she pushes you, and I love that about her.”


“Zumba class to me is so enjoyable. Although the work out is very intense Carmen makes it really fun . The atmosphere is amazing.”


“Carmen & Zumba rejuvenate and motivate me. My motto is ” Let’s do this, let’s get this Zumba started!” Carmen pumps up our Zumba family & gives us a workout to remember. I have gotten good results from Zumba. My abs and buns have tighten, my arms & legs are stronger, and I feel better mentally. This is Chris Come join us! LET’S DO THIS!”


“I ’am  so proud of Carmen I remember when she was going through her strong I mean shit was bad for her but she never gave up I use to say to her you ain’t strong when she would cry and that shit made her stronger I have been inspired from her and I always believed in her. Keep moving forward and don’t let no one stop you Carmen I’m so proud of you.”