Wellness Matters Thursday

(Letting Go!!!) After years of holding onto the lies, hurt and disappointments from them folks, that job and those bad habits I decided to make a healthy choice for me. I am not what happened to me, hmm I’ll say it again I’m not what happened to me, see sometimes if we are not conscious of the lies we will … Continue readingWellness Matters Thursday

Keep Dreaming

Don’t stop dreaming and don’t give up on your dreams, live your dreams and become your dreams. Carmen’s reasons why you should believe in your dreams. 1. It makes life more interesting and exciting! 2. No one will do it for you! 3. They are your dreams so you can live them out the way you want to! 4. Because … Continue readingKeep Dreaming


Changing your thinking is necessary, let’s be honest some of you are self-destructive and you tend to cause yourself to fail because you think you can’t, or you make excuses telling yourself…oh I can’t do that or it won’t work, you’re always thinking the worst, or you let what happens in the past stop you, be careful!!! your thoughts can … Continue readingThoughts

Benefits of thinking positive

Always end your day with a positive thought! Health benefits that positive thinking may contribute to are increase life span, lower rates of depression, greater confidence, higher self-esteem, more energy, more peace of mind, lower levels of destress, greater resistance to the common cold, thinking positive is good for your health it also helps you cope with stress and avoid unhealthy behaviors, … Continue readingBenefits of thinking positive

Don’t Shrink!!

Stops shrinking who you are so others can be happy, it’s doesn’t feel comfortable, it doesn’t make you feel better and to be honest it’s truly not fair,when one person walks away happy and the other person walks away feeling broken. Discovering who you are is the greatest gift it allows you to be free, free to be you who … Continue readingDon’t Shrink!!

Distractions Can Happen

Distractions comes up it will show up at your door, it shows up in all of our lives. Listen distractions can be serious or they can be something small but they come up and I guess  the question is how will you be able to handle them when they do? Will you fold up? will you give up? Or will … Continue readingDistractions Can Happen

How to build your confidence

Say Yes to…Yourself!!! Say yes I can!!! Say yes I will!! Say yes I’m determined!!! Say yes I’m able!! Say yes I will achieve!!! Say yes to your dreams!!! Say yes that it’s your time and be willing to shine.. Say yes to yourself!! Coach Carmen!                Confidence!! Confidence is about having faith, confidence speaks … Continue readingHow to build your confidence

10 Ways to Feel GOOD!!

Follow your dreams!  2. Do what you say you’re going to do! Don’t doubt yourself! Try something new! Dress up! Walk through open doors of opportunity ! Be kind to yourself and others! Think positive! Trust your gut feeling! Remember that you can do it! Coach Carmen!

15 simple ways to enjoy your life daily!!!

Stop complaining. Be appreciative. Smile . Do things you enjoy. Take a deep breath . Exercise . Laugh, learn to laugh more. Meditate and Prayer. Learn something new. Facing your fears . Admit your mistakes. Exercise your power to change.13 Believe in yourself. Live with intention. Have integrity.


Gratitude is the open door to the power, with the wisdom and the creativity of the Universe you can open that door through Gratitude.